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ZBar causes "Alt+Tab" to not work (Win10 only)
Post by fors6630 on Mar 10th, 2017, 07:11am

Hi Tom - I've used zbar for years and wanted to share this. If possible, could you look into a fix for the following?

When using zbar (v0.86 on Windows 10), I have noticed that:

- Programs on my zbar monitors (2nd or 3rd monitors) will not appear in the Windows 10 alt+tab command window.

- As a result, I can't fast switch to programs on monitors 2 or 3, only between programs on monitor 1.

I'm running zbar on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 currently, and just confirmed I'm only seeing this issue in Win10, NOT in Win7.

This is a pretty big annoyance for me, as alt+tab is a core efficiency for how I use Windows.

Thank you in advance - you've got a great product and provided great support previously. I'm a seasoned IT guy myself so let me know how I can help.


Re: ZBar causes "Alt+Tab" to not work (W
Post by Tom Revell on Mar 10th, 2017, 1:28pm

The traffic I get from ZBar has dropped to pretty much zero these days - and I've assumed that's because W10 has the functionality it provides built in. In fact, I've considered stripped the multi taskbar support from it, and re-releasing it just as a multi screen wallpaper handler, which it's still useful for.

However, look like there's at least one person then using it under W10! Can I ask why you use it in preference to the W10 built in taskbar splitter, which looks to be superior to be honest?

Re: ZBar causes "Alt+Tab" to not work (W
Post by fors6630 on Mar 14th, 2017, 07:05am

Thanks for the quick reply Tom. Sorry but I've been traveling and haven't been as quick on my reply, but I'm back in town now so should be much better in future replies.

I still prefer zbar over the native W10 taskbar functionality, for these reasons:

1) Clock shows 6 months of calendars in one view, which is useful

2) The taskbar on monitor 2 is cleaner (only the programs which are on that monitor screen appear on the zbar taskbar)

3) Separate wallpapers for multiple monitors

I can understand if you don't continue with the taskbar functionality, as I too feel like #2 and #3 may not be worth it. Just wanted to provide input on the "missing alt-tab" in hopes it was a easy fix.

Thanks for all your work on this over the years!

Re: ZBar causes "Alt+Tab" to not work (W
Post by Tom Revell on Mar 19th, 2017, 12:08pm

You appreciate that #2 is something which the W10 functionality can do - right-click the bar, choose Properties, and set "Show taskbar buttons on:" to be "Taskbar where window is open".

Sure, #1 is something which only ZBar does, perhaps I should collapse the app into something which provides that six month calendar (which I do appreciate) and which handles the wallpaper. ZBar has always been based on a "hack", and it's the result of that which you're falling foul of sad

Re: ZBar causes "Alt+Tab" to not work (W
Post by fors6630 on Mar 24th, 2017, 08:12am

Ha, I've been using zbar so long I didn't know that the new W10 taskbar will do #2.

Thinking about it further, I'm going to try using the W10 taskbar as it appears that will work well other than #1 and #3. I can live with #1, but I do really appreciate the wallpaper functionality so will keep zbar handy for whenever I want to update wallpaper on multiple monitors.

Thanks for all your efforts Tom!