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Moving stickies from old computer to new
Post by MWFC on Feb 9th, 2018, 3:46pm

I have followed the directions for saving the stickies to an .ini file, but the directions for moving that file into the new computer's sticky storage doesn't make any sense to me. The direction say:
To import stickies on another machine, right-click the notification area icon, and choose Import from file. This will copy and then remove the stickies from the transfer file. Make sure you have inserted the disk before you transfer to or from the file!

I don't know what the "notification area" is. so I'm stuck there.
I can't find that phrase anywhere. Please advise.
Re: Moving stickies from old computer to new
Post by Cynthia on Feb 9th, 2018, 4:23pm

The Windows notification area is also known as the system tray or status area. Itís the area reserved for certain system and program features such as battery status, volume control, network status, etc. Windows also allows certain customizations of the notification area. The system tray is also where the Stickies icon lives (whenever Stickies is running), and right-clicking that icon shows a menu rich in options for telling Stickies what to do? Do you see the Stickies icon in your system tray?