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SSIT Problem (again)
Post by zydanielson on Jan 21st, 2018, 02:52am

Hi Tom,

I read the original thread called SSIT Problem by tonyl42 . You responded to the OP there:

> If you see the second post here:
> does that help?

So I clicked on the link and read that thread, too. But it didn't help. I guess I'm not understanding something.

My computer crashed without backup, but I was able to retrieve my hard drive intact. I downloaded and installed Stickies V9.0e. I have no idea what version was on my old computer before it died.

I downloaded, extracted, and ran SSIT and used the Open button to successfully find my old stickies on my old hard drive (now an external drive). Everything I want to recover is there. However, when I select a sticky, or a whole list of stickies (say, Desktop) and press the Send to Stickies button, nothing happens.

Please advise. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.