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"Pause" feature - for privacy
Post by OldGrantonian on Apr 20th, 2017, 05:50am

At my age, I need lots of stickies. So it would be nice to have some kind of "pause" feature, to be used when people are sitting beside me at my laptop.

No Stickies would be presented during the pause period - except for a single Stickie that pops up after a user-specified interval, with the title "All Stickies paused". (I would need such a feature, otherwise I would have no Stickies until after the next reboot.)

This single Stickie can be either dismissed using the standard "X", or repaused for the same interval. Maybe with an "R" beside the "X"). Dismissing the "Pause" Stickie automatically unpauses all Stickies.

I suggest adding "Pause" to the right-click menu in the system tray. I personally don't need an "Unpause" option, if it reduces developer time. I can wait <20 minutes and then dismiss the Pause Stickie.

Provide a feature to specify the "pause interval". I suggest a simple addition to the "Preferences", so that the user-specified value applies each time that "Pause" is selected (rather than specifying the interval each time "Pause" is selected from the right-click menu). If it reduces developer time, then a default, persistent option of 20 minutes would suit me.

Re: "Pause" feature - for privacy
Post by eef on Apr 20th, 2017, 2:35pm

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Does the hotkey hideall/show not do what you are looking for ?