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Mar 24th, 2018, 01:21am

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thumbup Just another snyc request - Google Calendar
« Thread started on: Mar 6th, 2018, 8:39pm »

At first this post seems to be another sync request, which might only some people need. But it should be something different.

Recently i searched for many to do and task manager apps and literally there is nothing which offers all this core features:

- to-do-list / task-list
- sub tasks
- daily goals
- google sync (since google calendar is the most used calendar)
- reminders
- basic calendar overview / graphical display of progress and reminders
- grouping of tasks into projects
- end date of tasks
- time tracking (optional here, but important for developers)

That is where stickies comes into place. I know stickies is not a task manager in it's first view, but it does some things a lot better than other task managers. You can attach files, you can have good reminders, you can list down what ever you need, where you need it.

Stickies could even be a full task manager, the only missing point is the a better overview, like others suggested with a calendar option (i would support that). If you can see, when your reminders run off and set a end date to them, so they notify you more often, it's basically a really good calendar app.

Obviously daily reminders and goals is another thing, it could be handled with a simple sticky, but i'm sure there can be a better way to handle it, like having it popup a lot more often.

NOW comes the main point of my post: Google Calendar. After a lot of research is currently a the most used Calendar overall, only problem, it doesn't work well with your desktop and it doesn't have a good way to set daily goals or tasks which are not set to a specific time as "event". There is where sticky can fill the gap. My suggestion is basically to sync the reminders of sticky with google Calendar and then have the notifications there as well, which will push sticky to a new level, when it automatically fills your google calendar with what you actually plan to do.

It could be one way to get an overview of what you actually plan and it also connects the files you need for it well over sticky as well as having a general to-do list and a place to write notes down, which are all in the folders where you actually work at them!

I'm a developer myself and if i get some hints about how to use the API i could even code this plugin myself, to sync to google calendar. But obviously i requested here as well, since it will bring stickies a lot more attention for many other users and actually has a good potential for having more plugins to make it a full task manager for projects of all sort (btw there are only a few programs with API or open source available in this task management / to do list sector).

I hope it wasn't too long for you all to read, i find this feature of quite an importance...
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thumbup Re: Just another snyc request - Google Calendar
« Reply #1 on: Mar 7th, 2018, 1:23pm »

It is a shame that Stickies doesn't support any form of sync. However, despite starting sync code a few times, I've come to terms that I'm never going to finish anything.

However, writing that code has helped me understand what's needed in the API for sync to work - at least for desktop notes. Stored notes is a different matter.

There are code samples in the help file, and a full list of API commands in the web site, with some luck that would get you going?

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