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xx Stickies & domain use
« Thread started on: Nov 30th, 2016, 10:27am »

Hello all,

I discover stickies recently and I have some question & feature requests smiley.

- Is it possible to give informations during install? like server that have the contact list? and the location of the database?

- Is it possible to add / update a user with automated process? I explain:

A new user is coming, stickies is configured on the client.
If possible, server can request AD sometimes to have for example, the new users (username), service (for groups), name for user and mail Address and add it to the contact list.

When the user come, he can be resconized by his username and stickies can update the computer name on the server.

If a user is disabled or deleted, stickies server can delete it from list

If a user is connecting from a new computer, stickies can request the user for update (this computer is not the registered one. do you want to receive your stickies here?.


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xx Re: Stickies & domain use
« Reply #1 on: Dec 1st, 2016, 12:48pm »

I think that I can help you with part of your question.

Yes, you could install Stickies with some defaults. Perform a manual installation of the files, and at the same time, put a stub options.ini and/or stickies.ini into the data file directory. Then when Stickies runs for that user, those options will be set.

Of course, when it comes to the server address, you can set that by GPO, which is an easier thing to implement. Not all options are configurable by GPO, though.

However, for your second set of questions - are you sure you're not looking for an email server there, rather than a little note taking app, like Stickies is?! What you ask for is possible as far as Stickies is concerned, in the form of a "store and forward" server, and having instances of the app identify themselves to that server ... except that server product doesn't exist :( The Stickies Server is quite a basic thing, and can't do any of that stuff - although there's nothing stopping you or anyone else write such a service!

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