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Can't Get to the Bottom of a Stickie
Post by Craven on Aug 7th, 2017, 11:27am

I just downloaded the latest version of Stickies to a new PC running on Windows 8. The version I had on my old computer had a scrollbar on the right allowed me to scroll to the bottom of the note.

With this new version on my new computer I can't get to the part of the note that goes off my computer screen. There isn't a scrollbar either This is really frustrating. Can someone help me out?
Re: Can't Get to the Bottom of a Stickie
Post by Cynthia on Aug 7th, 2017, 8:47pm

Bummer to lose your scrollbars that way. Good thing you can get them back.

In the title bar right-click menu of a sticky, in the third group down you'll see the option "Scrollbar"; choosing that puts a check mark beside it to indicate that the scrollbar is turned on. Once you have scrollbar enabled, you'll be able to resize a sticky so that the bottom of the note no longer dips below the bottom of the screen. So you can enable the scrollbar for any sticky which doesn't already have one.

Additionally, if you want all new stickies to have scrollbars (which is my personal preference), go to the General tab of Options and make sure to check the box for "New stickies have scrollbars."