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Feb 23rd, 2018, 10:15am

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xx Any way to modify colours and fonts in the GUI?
« Thread started on: Jul 22nd, 2016, 1:43pm »

Is there any workaround to modify colours and fonts in the GUI for Stickies v9.0b?
Ergonomically, the new GUI, though quite nice-looking, is a bit of a visual perception horror - too glary white, a lack of discrimination between coloured areas, and the font sizes are tiny on high resolution laptop LED displays. The characters look like they are drawn with lines 1 pixel thick!

To some extent, a lot of software - including Stickies - could arguably be described as "legacy by design" software, in that it was not necessarily designed to work under ("support") the current OS and hi-res screen technologies.
It seems that the newer computer technologies have taken us backwards in terms of the ergonomics of visual perception. The manufacturers and OS producers are largely responsible for this, but they seem to have treated it as an externality (i.e., SEP - Somebody Else's Problem). The experience of difficulty in reading some on-screen displays of information today - and which might have been perfectly legible on-screen a few years ago - cannot be simply ascribed to needing reading glasses, or something.
However, it is apparently left up to the developers to rewrite their program code to work around the new constraints, and I guess this will necessitate the commitment of time and effort by the developer(s) involved, to get the ergonomics right. In the case of Stickies, that would be Mr Revell, and he probably would be well aware of the problem, since on-screen legibility is certainly not a new issue.
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xx Re: Any way to modify colours and fonts in the GUI
« Reply #1 on: Jul 27th, 2016, 6:01pm »

I guess by the GUI you mean the Manage dialog. If so, then no, there's very little you can do to change it. You can turn on a high contrast checkbox in options, but that's all.

However ... v9 of Stickies has been written to support higher DPI displays. I know, because I was the one sat here working out first how to get apps to do it at all, and then how best to add that functionality without breaking anything which already exists! To that end, the Manage dialog is high-DPI aware, and will adjust itself according to your screen DPI setting.

I have a 4k screen as my main monitor now, and once I started to use it and I saw how beautiful text looks on it, I knew I had to get Stickies to use the extra pixels for text as well.

Incidentally, Microsoft have come up with a way for "legacy" apps to work alongside more recent ones, and it's quite neat really. Were they able to simply instruct everyone to stop using old software, their lives would be a lot easier.

So, Stickies uses Segoe UI Light for the Manage dialog now. It's a font which is present on all machines since Vista. I guess you don't like it much?

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