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Stickies v9.0e released
Post by Tom Revell on Jan 9th, 2018, 3:27pm

There's been a problem with a few Edge users on W10 which I resolved a while back now (April 2017) and hadn't got around to releasing a fix for. Instead, I'd direct people who mentioned it to a debug build.

Tonight someone else asked, so I thought it was about time to issue a new release, with the fix included. Welcome to Stickies v9.0e.

The one other thing I wound into the build was removing a "helpful" message which I tried to get to appear when you create a large note. It's been inaccurate, and showing up when it ought not to.

If you usually get a mail from me when there's a new release of Stickies and you didn't this time, that's because this is such a small thing, affecting so few users that I didn't think it worth your time. I'll resume sending mails when I next release something more substantial.