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Feb 25th, 2018, 9:35pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Stickies v9.0a released  (Read 1260 times)
Tom Revell

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xx Stickies v9.0a released
« Thread started on: Apr 25th, 2016, 4:12pm »

Good evening!
(well, its evening here, even if its not evening where you are right now!)

v9.0a of Stickies has just been uploaded to the site.

The biggest change is to the Manage dialog Ive tried to lift it into 2016. Along with that new feature comes encryption of stored notes, support for high DPI displays, and an optional task bar button. The full list of changes is shown below for your convenience.

As always, if youd like to upgrade, the Stickies web site can be found at the link above.

New features

  • 100% new, rewritten from scratch Manage dialog
  • Menu items are larger, new icons for all menu items
  • Monitor high DPI support, including per-monitor DPI
  • Option to have a Taskbar button, which has custom tasks, and an overview of all notes and stacks on screen
  • "Years" are now an option on the right-click / Sleep menus
  • Added dialog to manually set a note size (control-shift-x)
  • Pressing F2 in a stack edit the name
  • Can now select any colour at all for text, not just the predefined sixteen
  • Open Log button added to Advanced options tab
  • Can right-click a stack to create a sticky already in it
  • Ten new API commands:
  • Eight new API events:


  • Stickies and Stacks have a new skin
  • Right-click sleep menus include "years"
  • Only TTF fonts can be selected
  • Skin button to play alarm sound now toggles it
  • The scrollbar setting is now per-note, rather than application-wide
  • Bulk-printing notes sends just one document to the printer
  • Stack windows now have unique titles (AStack:xx), as stickies already do (ASticky:xxxxxx)
  • Stack windows obey the "Clicking one sticky brings them all to front" setting
  • The tray icon scales better to high DPI displays
  • Some button validation now performed when using the Search Engine list in Options


  • Fix for a crash on restoring
  • Memory leak when creating image stickies fixed
  • Stickies no longer suffers from the Year 2038 problem
  • Crash fixed when stickies was run with store.mdb in the data directory, but not options.ini
  • Non-ANSI month names now work OK in dates
  • Bug fixed with snoozed sticky status not being set to save
  • Bug fixed with new minimum sizes not being applied when switching skins
  • Bug fixed meaning setting "Receive all as secret" no longer sets all incoming notes to by yellow
  • Bug fixed with excess entries in the [properties] table
  • Bug fixed with non-ANSI month names (eg huhhuh) not showing in long dates
  • Bug fixed with "Load image" skin button discarding text content
  • Bug fixed which meant that scrollbars showed in empty stickies
  • Bug fixed meaning rolled, standing notes would move downwards by themselves
  • Bug fixed with searching for the [ character
  • Bug fixed: 502 API events now report the sticky ID as per the documentation
  • Bug fixed meaning unpacking a stack with a note solo no longer unsolos the rest of the notes
  • No longer responds to API commands during application exit to prevent bad data being returned

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xx Re: Stickies v9.0a released
« Reply #1 on: Jun 19th, 2016, 2:32pm »

Tom it's amazing! I love the new look. It'll take me some time to comb through the new features, but this is awesome. So glad to see one of my favorite pieces of software is still getting updated grin grin grin
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